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Statorium football news API is a careful selection of the most notable soccer headlines. Football articles are written by native speakers, professional Statorium sports journalists from all over the world.

Linked with stats data API

The Statorium football news API has the special feature that brings a huge difference comparing to all other stats data providers or news content agencies. Our news articles are linked with data and vice versa.

Each article has the special links to appropriate player, team or season. So you can create HTML links to appropriate data pages.

new linked with stats

News API allows you to pull news by team or player. So, you can place the backlinks to related player or team articles on data pages.

new linked with stats

So your site or App visitors stay longer with you. They are able to browse from news article to player / team page and see linked related football headlines there.

Integrated solutions

Statorium Football News API is integrated with number of popular sports solutions.

Joomla! CMS & WordPress

Statorium sports news API is integrated with the most popular web site building platforms: WordPress and Joomla! It allows the news articles posted automatically on your web site.

JoomSport extension

Statorium sports news API is integrated with JoomSport, both WordPress and Joomla based. It allows to show the news headlines on player, team or season pages.

Multilingual delivery

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