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Basketball API

Basketball live data via JSON API format or sports widgets.
Prompt, accurate. Linked with sports news. Integrated with WordPress. 

Basketball API endpoints

Statorium Basketball API allows you to create a sports news site or basketball Mobile App with the unique basketball content, prompt and accurate stats.

  • Rank
  • Team name and crest
  • Played games
  • Wins
  • Loss
  • Team Points
  • Last five games 
  • Goals for
  • Goals against
  • Goal difference
  • Differential
  • Win percentage
  • Won in group
  • Lost in group
  • Win percentage groups
  • Won home
  • Won away
  • Lost home
  • Lost away
  • Highlights with legend
  • League Groups 
Fixtures & Results
  • Date
  • Time
  • Matchday name
  • Venue
  • Team home
  • Team away 
  • Translated names
  • Score (played matches)
  • Quarters scores
  • Player events (3, 2, 1 pts)
  • Player events
Team & Player

Team Level:

  • Team full name
  • Short name
  • Popular name
  • Team crest
  • Home venue

Player level:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Name (Popular name)
  • Name in home country
  • Face image (on request)
  • Country
  • Birthday and age
  • Number 
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Position
Game details
  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Home team
  • Away team
  • Score
  • Quarters scores
  • Player events (3, 2, 1 pts)
  • Attendance (on request)
  • Referees (on request)

Why Statorium Basketball API?

Collected by data experts

We collect data by the own, well trained team. We don't buy and resell data from third parties. We enjoy monitoring the live games and adding stats.

Managed by own software

We manage the collection process with help of own software - JoomSport. The process combines automatic checks and manual input tools.


We aim to pay the extreme attention to data accuracy. Our scouts are well trained, the collection process is supported by the strict standards.

Basketball Live scores

Statorium basketball API van be delivered with live scores support. Game data is collected manually by our data experts from different web based sources.


Delivering the data with help of integrated software is our main competitive advantage. We try to save your time implementing our integrated solutions.

Basketball news

Are you looking to add basketball news integrated with basketball data? So your users can navigate from news article to related team or players and backwards? Statorium Sports News API allows to deliver that! Contact us for details.

Basketball Predictions

Statorium API can be easily used to build a basketball contests game on your WordPress or Joomla based site. There are also such popular prediction game type as "March Madness" included in our prediction plugin. Read more here.

WordPress or Joomla! CMS

Statorium basketball API offers the integrated solution to deliver on the popular CMSes: WordPress or Joomla! we offer eth delivery via JoomSport plugin, the CMS based extension that helps distributing sports content all over your site .

JoomSport Mobile App

We offer boxed version of Mobile App. it is brough with your own brand and under your own app name. (white label solution) Try our JoomSport Mobile App service! It will save you the time and budget building the app.

API Basketball Leagues Coverage

We are focused on NBA API and basketball World Cup so far. However we are open to support any other basketball leagues!

Need extra data layers or competitions?

Other sports coverage: SoccerIce Hockey API, American football API and Handball API.

Multilingual delivery

Statorium Basketball API offers the team names translated into any language. Please request so if applicable for your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you ensure about the data quality?

    Basketball API is a part of Statorium sports API system. It uses the same strict standards towards the data collection. Manual and automatic checks are included during the basketball data collection process.

    We collect the basketball data in our own software that we develop many years ago. It is flexible and very well scalable.

    This is the significant difference comparing to many other Basketball API providers. 

  • Do you provide historical data for the leagues?

    We can deliver the historical basketball data based on your request.

  • How quick are the updates

    We collect the data offline. This means that Statorium API cannot be used to build the betting experience. However our basketball live data used by many news and stats sites or apps who are fine with 2-5 minutes live scores update delays.