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Sports data feed with live scores. Prompt. Accurate.
Integrated with WordPress. Delivered in JSON format or via sports widgets
Linked with sports news feed.

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Sports API delivery

Statorium sports data can be delivered in three ways to your sports site or app.

JSON API format

Statorium Sports API can be delivered in JSON format. The most complicated implementation way but gives you the extreme flexibility of what sports data you want to display on selected views.

Sports HTML widgets

Statorium Sports API offers sports HTML widgets. It comes free with your league subscription. Once you generate the script and place it on your site it will show you the appropriate stats view.

WordPress or Joomla! CMS

Statorium Sport API provides the native integration for WordPress and Joomla! CMS. It allows to import the data into your site database and generate views using JoomSport plugin shortcodes.

Powerful Integrations

Multiple integrations with popular sports software available.
It makes it easier building the complete solutions with Statorium Sports API.

Sport news

Statorium sports API offers the hand or ai-written news content. It is integrated the way so your site visitors can navigate from any stats page to news article related and backwards. Read more

Joomla! CMS & WordPress

Statorium football API team offers the integrated solution to deliver on the most popular CMSes: WordPress or Joomla! It is delivered using JoomSport, the CMS based extension that helps distributing sports content all over your site pages.

Sports Predictions

Statorium API football feeds can be easily used to build a sports predictions game site. The easiest way to deliver it is by using JoomSport and Prediction extension. Read more here.

JoomSport Mobile App

Did you think of your own branded Sport Mobile App development to deliver notifications about match results to your league users directly to their mobiles? Try our JoomSport Mobile App service! It will save you a huge amount of time and budget.

Statorium Sports API focus on

Collected by own scouts

Only own scouting team, only hardcore. We don't buy stats from the third parties. We enjoy watching the games and adding cards and goals.

Managed by own software

We collect and manage sports data by own software - JoomSport. The collecting process combines automatic checks and manual data input tools.

Focus on quality

We pay HUGE attention to the data accuracy. We are different! We don’t provide 12 players lineups in football, 10% missing squad on day 1 or duplicated players.

Live scores

Our sport API comes with live games support. Live scores collected manually by our scouts from different video and web based sources.

Multilingual delivery

Statorium sports API offers the team names translated into many languages.
Available for customers with premium subscription level.

Frequent questions

  • How do you control the sport data quality and integrity?

    We are using both manual and automatic methods for our sports data feeds quality assurance.

    First of all, the sports stats is managed by our own sports software that we develop for more than 10 years! This means that if we change anything inside any match, the changes are applied across all sport API endpoints.

    Secondly, we control the quality manually by comparing overall statistic with both official and popular trusted sports data sources. Each sports league passes manual control by our scouts team every match day.

    This is the significant difference between our service and many other sports API providers. In our case you wouldn't expect bizarre mistakes with lineups, missing cards or goals, wrong sport live scores, duplicated players in our stats data set.

  • What is the difference between your Premium and Basic access levels?

    Both access levels offer you the live quality sport API access. At the same time we offer more sophisticated features for our premium level clients.

  • Do you provide historical data?

    Yes. We deliver historical sports data depending on leagues selected. Request details from us about your leagues package.

  • What support do I get with Statorium Sports API ?

    We provide quick and reliable support for our Sports API service. We speak English still we normally consult almost on any language using Google translate. We also committed to reply every single email / quote / offline chat request within one business day max.

  • Is the sports data translated to any other languages than English?

    Since April 2023 Statorium sports API offers the team names translated to many languages. The translations are delivered as a part of the premium level package. We might also introduce the player names translation in future, request it from us if required.

    As an additional option JoomSport solution allows you to built the multilingual web sites! The extension is translated to many popular languages so you can have it both: the fields names and content translated our of the box!